Natural or supernatural?

I was watching a fantasy movie, enjoying the tale of wizards and magic, with fantastic animals and creatures. Later I was wondering what magic can actually be? It is clear to me that there is no scientific evidence about magic, but if magic were true, then what exactly would it be?

Imagine I would tell you I can sing a strange song, and then the clear skies suddenly clutter and thunderstorms begin. Then you challenge me to do it, then to your surprise, I accomplish what I promised. Is this magic? Well that might be, at least on the definition level, you can define a term for such a feat. But is there anything supernatural about this?

Well clearly if the agents taking part in the causal interaction, here singing a song and the thunderstorm, are both measurable with natural means, then there might not be a need to postulate a supernatural means between them. After all, the stories of quantum physics so weird they may sound, and they are many, won’t require it to become any supernatural. It is just another corner of empirical science that needs scientific method to explain it. Instantly seeing and talking to someone with an ocean in between was “magic” until maybe a century ago, later it was called science fiction, now it is just any good mobile internet connection.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe empiricism has the answer. I don’t claim science can explain everything. But I like to argue, that most of what is considered as supernatural might as well be just natural albeit unexplored, or unexplained.

On the same note, what interests me though is that, if supernatural really exists, of what composition would it be? By hypothetically pushing the definition bar of natural entities so high that it encompasses all that is in this universe, explored or unexplored, explained or unexplained, then would the set of supernatural entities shrink to zero? or would there still be some supernatural things? If so, would we humans ever be able to understand them, explore them and finally explain them?

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