Über Handlungs- und Willensfreiheit

IM FOLGENDEN befasse ich mich mit Handlungs- und Willensfreiheit und untersuche, inwiefern sich diese mit einem naturgesetzlichen Determinismus vereinbaren lassen. Nach einer einführenden Bemerkung behandele ich den monistischen Ansatz Donald Davidsons. Ich werde den Ansatz in Hinsicht auf seinen Anspruch auf die Vereinbarkeit mit dem naturgesetzlichen Determinismus untersuchen. Zum Schluss werde ich diesen einem kritischen Vergleich mit dem klassischen Dualismus unterziehen.
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Descartes und sein Zweifel

IM FOLGENDEN versuche ich darzustellen, was der Sinn der Zweifelsoperation in Descartes’ (1596 – 1650 u. Z.) Meditationen ist, und wie er diese durchführt. Im Abschluss möchte ich argumentieren, in wieweit die von Descartes erzielte notwendige Wahrheit als Fundament für den Aufbau einer Wahrheitsstruktur dienen kann.
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Natural or supernatural?

I was watching a fantasy movie, enjoying the tale of wizards and magic, with fantastic animals and creatures. Later I was wondering what magic can actually be? It is clear to me that there is no scientific evidence about magic, but if magic were true, then what exactly would it be?

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Agent of wishing

What is it that makes me happy, if someone wishes me something good?

As usual during the lunchtime someone wished “Bon Appétit!”. We all said thank you and started. I suddenly thought, but wait, thank you for what? what does it exactly mean to actually wish someone something? How do I make sure if my good wish is actually granted to the receiver? Isn’t wishing not an empty endeavor anyway?

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V++, the ultimate does-it-all philosophical diet!

Eat whatever you like, but think before you do.

This article is about a diet which is basically no diet at all. It is a kind of eat-whatever-you-like diet. What? Well basically yes. So if you are a strict follower of any specific diet, like vegan or vegetarian, then you have all the right to stop reading on, because we eat meat here! Also if you have been anyway eating all what you like up to now, you may think that there is nothing new in this, so you might as well stop reading on. But if you are curious to find out what makes this diet so special, then be my guest, you fulfill the first prerequisite, since curiosity is a state of mind which is a result of thinking and comparison. At the end, I hope I can convince you, that the diet of our thought experiment is a vegan-like diet with occasional diversities. Want to find out more?

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What is time?

This text was originally submitted to the 2013 Flame challenge question of the Alan Ada center for communicating Science. The question was: What is time? Due to the regulations it had to be short and hat to be readable for high school students. The students themselves had to choose the winners. So here you go:

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