Transience and the digital graveyard

Today I have a heavy backpack. A backpack full of memories of the past in form of papers. After deciding to move to a new flat, it turned out that I have a huge collection of hand-written notes from my undergrad and graduate times. Even more interesting were the notes I found made by 10 or 11 year old myslef, which I had saved in the basement all these years.
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Descartes und sein Zweifel

IM FOLGENDEN versuche ich darzustellen, was der Sinn der Zweifelsoperation in Descartes’ (1596 – 1650 u. Z.) Meditationen ist, und wie er diese durchführt. Im Abschluss möchte ich argumentieren, in wieweit die von Descartes erzielte notwendige Wahrheit als Fundament für den Aufbau einer Wahrheitsstruktur dienen kann.
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Agent of wishing

What is it that makes me happy, if someone wishes me something good?

As usual during the lunchtime someone wished “Bon Appétit!”. We all said thank you and started. I suddenly thought, but wait, thank you for what? what does it exactly mean to actually wish someone something? How do I make sure if my good wish is actually granted to the receiver? Isn’t wishing not an empty endeavor anyway?

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